Amalia Sternad  ‎(I001559)‎
Given Names: Amalia
Surname: Sternad

Gender: FemaleFemale

Christening: 21 November 1867 Steiermark, A
Personal Facts and Details
Christening 21 November 1867 Steiermark, A

Note: Sensitive:0
Marriage Ursus Iseli - 1905 ‎(Age 37)‎

Note: Sensitive:0
Reference Number 1559
Reference Number Ursus Iseli - 495

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Immediate Family  (F495)
Ursus Iseli
1857 - 1928

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Marriage Sensitive:0
Marriage Sensitive:0
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Close Relatives
Family with Ursus Iseli
Ursus Iseli ‎(I001534)‎
Christening 10 November 1857 Kirchberg, BE, CH
Death 31 December 1928 ‎(Age 71)‎ Kirchberg, BE, CH
10 years

Amalia Sternad ‎(I001559)‎
Christening 21 November 1867 Steiermark, A

Marriage: 1905