Louise Françoise Cordey  ‎(I007914)‎
Given Names: Louise Françoise
Surname: Cordey

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: Moudon, VD, CH
Personal Facts and Details
Birth Moudon, VD, CH

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Marriage Jean Pierre Isely - 11 June 1847 Syens, VD, CH

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Reference Number 7914
Reference Number Jean Pierre Isely - 2824

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Parents Family  (F2827)
Jean François Cordey
Louise Dumartherey
Louise Françoise Cordey

Immediate Family  (F2824)
Jean Pierre Isely
1826 - 1891
Gustave Samuel Isely
1847 - 1877
François Jules Louis Isely
1854 - 1916


Originaire de Lutry
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Family with Parents
Louise Françoise Cordey ‎(I007914)‎
Birth Moudon, VD, CH
Family with Jean Pierre Isely
Jean Pierre Isely ‎(I007909)‎
Birth 15 January 1826 21 Rossenges, VD, CH
Death 18 October 1891 ‎(Age 65)‎ Neuchâtel, NE, CH
Louise Françoise Cordey ‎(I007914)‎
Birth Moudon, VD, CH

Marriage: 11 June 1847 -- Syens, VD, CH
6 months
Gustave Samuel Isely ‎(I007917)‎
Birth 14 December 1847 21 Moudon, VD, CH
Death 1877 ‎(Age 29)‎
6 years
François Jules Louis Isely ‎(I007918)‎
Birth 11 April 1854 28 Moudon, VD, CH
Death 27 August 1916 ‎(Age 62)‎ Neuchâtel, NE, CH