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Eight and a half years of guestbook entries (part 2)

Posted by erichiseli on Sunday, January 08, 2006 - 10:30 AM

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The Website - Die Website

Par two covers the years 2000-1999.

logansoprt, indiana, 07.01.01 - 20:12

i'm looking for the isley's that came from germany. starting with ludwig isley who come over on the ship osgood in 1750. would like to know how many kids came with him, or how many brothers. i know we start with ludwig,son malachi, son phillip, son phillip, son henry, son lawrance, son andrew, and son larry (my husband). if anyone has information please let me know. great site!!!!!!

edith isley (Homepage)

Colville, Washington, USA, 05.01.01 - 06:55

My name is Gordon Carlton. My dad is Henry Carlton and his dad was James Charles Carlton, whose wife was Emma Steffen, whose mother was Rosina Iseli, whose father was David Iseli, born 6-13-1824 in Luetzelflueh, BE, CH, and married 12-13-1850 to Magdalena Schindler.
I just got, from Erich Iseli, some information he sent to John Iseli.
It had a lot of background of dates and names of other relatives.

Gordon Carlton

Clay Center, KS USA, 02.01.01 - 02:47

My greatgrandfather was David Iseli, christening 13 June 1824 in Luetzelflueh, BE, CH. My grandfather was Christian Iseli, christening 29 Aug 1865 in Luetzelflueh. He died 3 Jun 1934 in Dickinson County, Kansas. Burial: near Industry,KS USA (Greenridge Cemetry) My father was John Iseli born 22 Feb., 1899 near Industry, KS USA. Died 12 Aug, 1999 Dickinson County, KS USA. Burial:near Industry, KS USA (Greenridge Cemetry)

Dallas W. Iseli

Suid-Afrika, 28.12.00 - 18:55

Is die "Eiselen"s van Suid-Afrika ook familie??

Marvan Beukes

Nederland/Suid Afrika, 28.12.00 - 14:42


This is a great website. Dankie vir die inligting, Andrea.

My name is also Andries Gerhardus Christiaan Yssel. I was born in Namibia, Windhoek on the 8th September 1972.
My father, A.G.C.Yssel was born in South-Africa, Ventersdorp on 20 July 1936. He and his younger brother, Okkert Jakobus Yssel and older sister Susan Schutte-Yssel was born on the farm Ratsegaai, raised by my grandmother Martha Johanna Yssel - Van der Schyff. My grandfather Daniel Yssel died during my father's teen's.

My father studied on Potchefstroom university and became minister. In his early years he married my mother Grietjie Yssel-Jager and served in Louis-Trichardt (one of the "Gereformeerde" churches in South-Africa). He then moved to Namibia and was in service of the "Gereformeerde" church in Windhoek. He later also served the community as mayor of Windhoek. He had three daughters and one son; Reina, Martie, Dries and Judy.

On 19th Nov 1990 my father died relatively long illness and was buried in Windhoek cemetry.

Well there you have it, just some background I would like to give to everyone who wishes to read this. I would like to hear from other family members as well, so please send me your mail and if you can, some pictures of any ancestors.

email: dries.yssel(at)

Dries Yssel

Westalke & Put-in-Bay, Ohio, 25.12.00 - 20:44

My name is Edwin R. Isaly. I live in Westalke, Ohio during the winter months and at Put-in-Bay, Ohio on South bass Island on Lake Erie during the six months from April until November.

My father's name was Edwin Eugene Isaly and my grandfather's name was Edwin august Isaly.

My grandfather Ed moved to Youngstown in 1915 to assist in the opening of the Isaly Dairy Commpany of Youngstown as requested by his brother Will. 

Edwin R. Isaly (Homepage)

California, 15.12.00 - 04:00

I want to know where my name originate.

Izel Gonzalez

south africa, 13.12.00 - 16:06

my name is jessica and i live in south africa. i found the site after trying to search for my mother's maiden name, ISSEL.

jessica bezuidenhout

U.S. Missouri, 08.12.00 - 03:35

Hello All: I was given your address from another person on the internet: I have family that came from Switzerlan and my Ggrandfather Peter Hans Schwab B.9 Nov 1829 in Wileroltigen D. 16 Jan 1885 He M. Anna Maria BAUMANN on 9 Mar 1861 in Bern at the HOLY SPIRIT Church They had five children The 1st one my grandfather: Johannes Schwab B.26 Jun 1861 D.1 Jan 1930 in Switzerland buried at Cordast.What is the name of the cemetery?He remarried when he went back I'd like to know who to;and the children I'm told there are five.
Peter Hans Schwab married a 2nd time to
Maria MUNGER on 18 Aug 1874 in Ferenbalm,Switzerland They had three children: I don't have any dates on Maria MUNGER My Dad's mother side also came from Switzerland: Samuel ABBEY B.21 Oct 1844(Place Unk) and his wife was Margarete Biedermann B.7 Apr 1847 I would like very much to hear from anyone who might have information on my ancestor's and would love to hear from people that maybe related to them.,and would like to find where they are buried(my ancestor's) I would love to hear from anyone,to tell me the history of the area where my ancestor's lived;in the 1800's I will greatly appreciate any help,and I will gladly share information email is:
       Janet mae Schwab

Janet mae Schwab

Akron Indiana, 07.12.00 - 21:31

My husbands last name is Isley, although his heritage traces back to Germany I was wondering if there is a connection. Will register and look for more info. Thanks Eileen Isley.

Eleen Isley

Dexter, NY, 02.12.00 - 00:11

Looking for possible family connection.
Canton Berne is correct. Last name phonetically EASILE from greatgrandmother's death certificate in 1948. Arrived USA circa 1887 and Swiss-German from US census records.

James King

Johannesburg , Suid Afrika, 26.11.00 - 08:32

Dit is baie wonderlik om op hierde web af te gekom het. {dmv} Ek sal graag van ander lede van dwars oor diw wereld wil hoor. Pos gerus na my ryssel(at) ' Hoop dit gaan great met almal van julle!

Reon Yssel

Arab, Al 35016, 24.11.00 - 03:01

I have been searching for many years for our family connection in GERMANY. My first ancestor in America (North Carolina) was Malachi, born in Germany in 1725. Does anyone have an idea of where to begin a search in Germany?

Rex M Isley

, Johannesburg, Suid Afrika, 18.11.00 - 13:44

Hi Family members! I am Johan Yssel from South Africa and my language is Afrikaans. I am part of the Ventersdorp branch. My father (Matthys Johannes Yssel) was born on the farm Elandskuil in Venterdorp in 1946 in the house on 8 April. They call him Thys. He is a teacher in Sabie near the Kruger National Park. I have got the same names as my father (Matthys Johannes) and my birthday is also 8 April!!! They call me Johan.

I am in showbiz. I am a Magician and illusionist in South Africa. I perform anywhere from bithdayparties at houses to TV shows. I don't only make things disappear but I also make my audience members float in the air.

If there are any other Iseli family members in showbiz I would love to hear from you!!!!

email me: jyssel(at)

Andrea Oberholzer

Bellville Suid-Afrika, 15.11.00 - 10:10

Ek het toevallig hier op afgekom. Is op soek na my ouma se voorgeslagte. Sy was Sarah Maria Yzelle. Dogter van DR (genoem Dick) Yzelle. Hy was getroud met Maria Elsabeth Botha.Hy was op deadwoodkamp in St Helena en het nog ministens 2 kinders gehad. Een wat dood is in die griepepidemie in 1918 en 'n D Yzelle (Jnr) My ouma was gebore 11 Jun 1911 en is oorlede op 6 Aug 1989. Sy was getroud met Nicolaas Johannes Gauch?.
Keep up the good work!

Frik Nelson

Dallas, Texas, 01.11.00 - 02:40

I never realized that there where so many spelling of the name. I orginally came from Columbus, Ohio. My grandfather
and father were in the cheese business in Columbus for many years. I have one sister. My two sons still live in Ohio.
When I lived in Ohio, many people associated the family name with the dairy stores, which went out of business many years ago. Now in Texas I will rarely run into someone who remembers the old Isaly stores. They all seem to remember the sky scapper ice cream cones and the chipped chopped ham. I hope this little note finds all family members in good health and prosperity. Fondest regards,
Richard A. Isaly Jr

Richard Allen Isaly Jr.

Wisconsin, 31.10.00 - 16:55

Hey keep up the good work and u guys reak of awesomeness !!!

Todd Slack (Homepage)

ventersdorp, 28.10.00 - 22:07

intresante website
ek sien uit na die byeenkoms.

a e j yssel

R?edisbach, 05.10.00 - 21:57

ich interessiere mich auch f?r Genealogie, deshalb habe ich eure Seite gr?ndlich studiert. Alle Achtung!
Bei den Wappen ist mir etwas aufgefallen. Das Wappen der Iseli von Grafenried ist einem Wappen aus meinem Stammbaum ( D?rig von Krauchthal mit Zweig in Jegenstorf)sehr ?hnlich. Vielleicht hat es einen gemeinsamen Ursprung?
Das Wappen von D?rigs findet ihr in
" Emmentaler Geschlechter - und Wappenbuch" von Hans Rudolf Christen 1998 auf Seite 148/ Wappen Nummer 240

Falls ihr eine Verbindung feststellen k?nnt, w?re ich sehr dankbar

Elisabeth D?rig

247 Benjamin St. Harrington, DE 19952, 04.10.00 - 21:53

Just was interested in seeing where the website would take me.

Timothy C. Isley

North Kansas City, MO, 02.10.00 - 12:10

Hello, I am a descendant of Robert Easley who emigrated to Virginia. I am happy to have found this site. I must go at this time, since I have to get ready for work. I will be back to look at everything. Thanks for bringing us this information. My mother was Easley.

Jo Gottman

Jo Gottman

Clackamas Oregon, 21.09.00 - 00:13

To all the Iseli's in the world:SALUTATIONS
I am Andre' Werner Iseli born in La Chaux-de-fonds

switerland..My Parents were Werner and Germaine Iseli. My Children Are: Tracy Kay Iseli
Elliette Iseli
Werner Andre' Iseli
We currently reside in Clackamas Oregon

Andre Werner Iseli

Johannesburg Suid-Afrika, 20.09.00 - 19:54

My naam is Andrea Yssel nou getroud met C.J. OBERHOLZER. Ek is van die Yssel's van Elandskuil te Venterdorp. Ek sal graag van ander Yssel's wil hoor. My pa se naam was ANDRIES GERHARDUS CHRISTIAAN YSSEL. Gebore die 20st April 1918 Oorlede 9 Oktober 1982. Ek het nog drie broers . Hulle name is
1) Andries Gerhardus Christiaan (Dries)
woon in Vereeniging
2) Matthys Johannes (Thys)
woon is Sabie
3) Rentius Bosshoff
woon in Carltonville
hulle is almal getroud met kinders
Ek is die eenigste dogter en my ma leef nog haar naam is Emmarentia Aletta (Boshoff) is is nou 80 jaar oud en gesond.

Andrea H.L. (YSSEL) Oberholzer

Plymouth, Wisconsin, 08.09.00 - 03:44

Nothing yet just wanted you all to know I'm an Isely

Scott Isely

Madrid Spain, 02.09.00 - 10:36

I was fascinated to see a John FRAUTSCHI in the family tree. I am searching for the Frautschi who might be our original family member from Switzerland and also his place of birth. I am Living in Madrid Spain - born in Kenosha Wi.
Henry Frautschy HFrautschy(at)

Henry Frautschy

Augusta, Georgia, 02.09.00 - 04:04

Our family has recently starting researching the Iseli side of the family tree. My grandparents Christian and Adeline Iseli immigrated from Switzerland and settled in Enterprise, Kansas.

Lori Leland

Somewhere, 01.09.00 - 09:59

My entire life I was under the impression that there was nobody out there with my name. It feels good to be wrong. My dad named me after him -his name was Lesley.


1138 SUTTON RD HIAWASSEE GA.30546, 24.08.00 - 16:22

what a lovely place my family came from there in the 1700s,, we were farmers and moved to fertile land in SE Pennstlvania where we have a road & a shurch named HOSSLER we no longer farm but want to visit our homeland someday.


New York State, 24.08.00 - 01:33

I am researching the name of Teuscher, who resided in Diemtigen (Bern). Any information would be appreciated

Margaret Donato

Kansas City, Missouri, 01.08.00 - 15:12

My name is Cindy Esely Van Cleave. My 10 year old daughter, Rachel, and I are doing a Girl Scout project on family history and an international festival. We happen to be part of a Swiss unit at the festival. Members of this unit are updating and creating their own family shields, so here we are. I believe a Jakob Iseli was my great-great grandfather. Part of them settled in the Andrew County, Missouri area. We still have a grape vine that used to be used for wine making. Thanks to the creators of this website! It's been a wealth of information.

Cindy Esely Van Cleave

south africa, 29.07.00 - 13:17

paul: west indies.

i notice your family has isel. my mother was issel. i live in south africa. maybe we should see cause i have no idea where my family came from. always though it was dutch, but am not too sure now.


johannesburg, south africa, 29.07.00 - 13:10

hi. my mother was saras issel. she was born on 10 september 1946 and died on december 13 1995.
i don't have older relatives to help me trace her family trees so if there is anyone who can help me find out of the issel (double s) arrived in south africa and possibly from where it would be really helpful.

jessic bezuidenhout

johannesburg, south africa, 29.07.00 - 13:05

hi. am still researching my links. have only limited local information to go on as oldest relative is only 70 years old. i am 29 so whatever i can get from the site is indeed helpful.

jessica bezuidenhout

Guadeloupe (France), 25.07.00 - 20:45

Hi! I'm looking for informations about the places of: ISEL (Cumberland.U.K) and Mount Isel (Austria). Any relation between them? Thank you. Paul Isel

Paul Isel

Fribourg, Switzerland, 22.07.00 - 15:15


Nice to see you found the page. Unfortunately, you didn't leave an e-mail address, so I cannot figure out how to contact you.

Erich Iseli

Somewhere, 22.07.00 - 14:39

I am only 16 and very curious about my father's side of the family. The "iseli's" i thought huh it would really neat to know where my name and family is from.So really i am on a mission and hopin i will be an sucess.
Amanda Iseli

Amanda Jane Iseli

Sydney Australia, 22.07.00 - 09:12

I thought I was descended from Normans but your site indicates differently./ I would like to find out more.

Phillip Isley

Cleveland, 16.07.00 - 03:08

Looking for an Aunt, Ada Schueneman who married an Elmer Iseli in Cleveland, Ohio early 1900's.

Lori Greenland

Chicago, USA und Bellach, CH, 07.07.00 - 19:00

Gute und interessante Seite!

Thomas U. iseli

4800 Zofingen, 28.06.00 - 20:47

Finde ich sehr gut, dass man via Internet Ahnenforschung betreiben kann.
Ich hoffe, so einiges ?ber meine Wurzeln erfahren zu k?nnen.
Hier meine Daten:
Kurt Charles Iseli
Geb. 14.11.57
Heimatort: M?hleberg BE
Mein Vater: Albert Eugene Iseli Jahrgang 1930
Geschwister meines Vaters; Heidi, Margrit, Irene, Charles, Yvonne, Robert..........usw. ( Ich glaube es waren insgesamt 12 Kinder, jedoch haben nur 3 den Namen Iseli behalten.)
Mein Grossvater war Maurer und wohnte in Bern.

Kurt Iseli E-Mail: kawasaki(at)

Kurt Charles Iseli

Roanoke, VA, 28.06.00 - 02:50

Looking for information on Lewis Isley, son of Ludwig Iseley from Germany. Did he have a son named John Creed Isley? I was always told that my Isley ancestors came from Ireland. My ggrandfather, Louis Rankin Isley,son of John Creed Isley, was born in Alamance Co., NC and later moved to Henry Co. VA.. Any information is appreciated thanks.

Larry C. Isley

Stellenbocsh, Suid-Afrika, 27.06.00 - 12:57

Lekker om sommer net Afrikaans so terloops raak te loop op die net. Was op soek na 'n kaart vir Switserland en streke. Goed om te sien dat daar nog soveel familietrots is, gee my sommer so warm gevoel om die hart, sienende dat myne almal in Suid-Afrika sit en ek in Engeland. Lekker om te weet dat ons almal wortels het om op trots te wees.

Jack Pieter Theron

Jack Pieter Theron

Edmonds, Washington USA, 25.06.00 - 05:44

Hello everybody,

Just checking in on progress of the Iseli family reunion and would like to know if there is any new information about it. I would like to make plans for my family to come (5 of us).

I am from the line of Christian Isely - Marie Elizabeth Dubach line.

Hopefully we'll be able to swing a trip to the homeland next year and meet up with many of you.

Mario R. Isely

Bondorf, Baden-W?rttemberg, Deutschland, 24.06.00 - 18:39

Hello friends of genealogy,
I just want to announce my address - in case someone is interested in finding not only ISELI, but also the German variation EISSLER.
If yes, please go to:
There is also my big Eissler homepage - you are welcome!

Best wishes and happy hunting
Hanno Gurski

Hanno Gurski (Homepage)

Bondorf, Baden-W?rttemberg, Deutschland, 24.06.00 - 18:35

Hallo Freunde,
ich m?chte hier nur kurz meine Adresse kundgeben . . . f?r den Fall, jemand sucht nicht nur ISELY, sindern auch die deutsche Variante EISSLER.

Gehen Sie doch auch mal zu:

hanno Gurski

Hanno Gurski (Homepage)

Rigby, Idaho, U.S.A., 17.06.00 - 06:55

My name is Ron Butikofer. I am of Swiss
descendency from the canton of Bern. I found your wonderful site while checking out Swiss surnames. I have a couple of Iseli's in my line and am interested in learning more about these ancesters. Keep up the good work and may God bless you in your efforts.

Ronald Butikofer

Michigan in the u.s.a, 17.06.00 - 02:01

I don't guess or know if I am a family member or not. Was looking for meyers. and was just trying to get back to where I was.
Rebecca Meyers Fisher

Rebecca Ann Meyers Fisher

en Guadeloupe, 08.06.00 - 20:48

Hi ! my name is Paul Isel. I am French and live in Guadeloupe (West Indies).I am looking for my roots I did not Know there are so many Isel's,Isely's...around the world;Your work is great.Congratulations...

Paul Isel

Juda, WI, 11.05.00 - 03:34

Just wanted to say hi, and what this is all about. I have heard about our site but have not looked it up yet.

Connie Isely

Geneva, Switzerland, 10.05.00 - 14:55

Thank you for creating this site. I am searching my roots like so many other people. My ancestor, Peter Herr, probably originated in Switzerland, although he lived in Germany at the time he emigrated to America in 1749. 

Lonnie Hare (Homepage)

Wollongong, Australia, 05.05.00 - 07:18

I live in Wollongong, Australia and are not aware of any other Isley's in our state, it is amazing to find that we have a website.

Nicole Isley

North Myrtle Beach, S.C,, 28.04.00 - 04:34

Just checked to see what if any info was about the Isley name.

Alfred Isley

Iowa, 26.04.00 - 18:08

My name is Esley Pritchard. I found your web site by typing in my first name...Esley. My first name was my great grandmother's. My family is suposed to be English/ Welsh or of other desent in Europe. If you could give me any information of the origin or meaning of my name, I would appreciate it. My family's geneology is a mystery to us. 

What you are doing is wonderful.

Esley Pritchard

York, PA, USA, 22.04.00 - 23:05

Thank You for your help in searching my relatives. I am still searching and hope to find something eventually through your site.

Margie Walker

Cheshire, 16.04.00 - 17:44

I found this site via the Latter Day Saints geneological search

Jacqui Isley

Sausalito, California, 15.04.00 - 21:04

This is great. I live in the San Francisco Bay area. My Email Rhisely(at) 

Robert H. Isely, II

Algonquin, Illinois, USA, 15.04.00 - 19:09

Hi I am Michael Clouser . I am searching for Glauser/Clauser ancestors who lived in Canton Bern and were intermarried with Iseli family members.

Michael T. Clouser

NY, 14.04.00 - 13:53

My family is Eissler, Eisler.
I know Hanno Gurski who publshed the Eissler family history. "Der Eissler".
The Eissler village is Talheim now part of 72116 Moessingen in Wuerttemberg.

Ed Maul

Louisville, KY, 13.04.00 - 17:15

I am searching for the family of Isalys who are reuniting in Switzerland Summer or 2001.

If anyone has information regarding web site or dates please let me know.

Thanks,  jwillmot(at)

Jackie Willmot

CA, 11.04.00 - 20:14

   I am just visiting the web site to see if anyone of relation lived close to me and my e-mail has changed to

Chris Isely


South Royalton, Vt, 10.04.00 - 22:30

My great-great grandmother was an Isely from North Carolina, born somewhere between 1790 and 1810.

she was married to Frederick Kimbrough, in either Guilford Co., Orange Co., or Rowan County, in North Carolina.

I came across your website, in the process of a genealogical search. I had no clue as to the origin of the name. I found your web page--impressive. I was also impressed by the display of the various coat-of-arms. I would welcome any additional information.

Thank you, for allowing me to visit this site.

Dee Thomas

Seattle, Washington, 08.04.00 - 14:49

Great site! nice to see so many Iseli family members. I'm from Seattle, Wa and this is fantastic to happen across this site. I found it using GOOGLE.
Thanks & no I'm not the former Seattle Seahawks player.

Kenneth Iseli

Ontario, N.Y., 06.04.00 - 00:31

I,m looking for The "ESLEY" family's that reside in the USA to update my famly tree...Thanks....

Patrick Esley

wapadrand,pretoria, 30.03.00 - 15:10

very good,my name is gerhard yssel born in pretoria on 04.09.1947 and would like to register

gerhardus johannes yssel

Abilene,Kansas.67410. USA, 29.03.00 - 06:49

My grandfather Chris E. Iseli was born in Lutselflich Switzerland Aug. 29,1865,son of David & Magdelena Iseli.He had 7 brothers & 7 sisters.Fred & Jacob also came to the United States.Rosa & Rosette also came here.I would like to hear from any of David Iseli's descendants.I live near Abilene Kansas.A few years ago my cousin was in Switzerland and visted the home where my grandfather was raised.Werner Iseli lived there at that time.

John Iseli,Jr

Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada, 21.03.00 - 06:04

I am surprised to find so many spellings for the name Isley. I thought the roots were German? Nice to see a web page on the Name.

Evelyn Isley

holland, 18.03.00 - 20:20


I am Varinka Iseli from Holland. I wonder if there is anyone who can tell me more about my roots, my grandfather was born an Iseli in Sawa Lunto, Indonesia. His first name was Bernard, he was born in 1901 and died in 1947. I am told my Great Grand Father was Swiss and that's all I know. Thanks.

Varinka Goldner-Iseli

juda, wi, 16.03.00 - 16:50

Hi, would like to update the family tree for the green county isely branch,
who do I get this information to? There is an awful lot missing. Thanks.

wanda k. (isely) slack

East Amherst, New York, 16.03.00 - 06:48

Just found this site through the Alta Vista Search engine. Trying to find out about my ancestors from Grafenreid, Switzerland. We've traced our family back to Hans Iseli and his wife Barbara Kunz who lived in Grafenreid in the early to mid 1700's.

Michael W. Easley (Homepage)

New Port Richey , FL, 09.03.00 - 03:33


It's great to see this site!

I know where the copper kettle is.

Christian Lee Isaly

Cham, Switzerland, 30.01.00 - 20:47

We have just discovered your homepage. My name is Werner Iseli from Hasle near Burgdorf in the Emmental, Bern, Switzerland. I was born on 12th June, 1946 in Hasle. We still have a few relatives in Hasle and in Biembach near Hasle. I live now in Cham (Zug) and we have 4 children, 3 boys, 1 girl = 4 more Iseli.

Werner Iseli

po box 9-1011 anchorage,alaska 99509, 25.01.00 - 22:04

my name is james a verhaeghe.i live in anchorage alaska. my e-mail address veegee(at) would like information on my mothers side genealogy:frieda borter born oct 13,1888. father joseph borter mother suzanne seamater. siblings albert,rosa and emmie. children albert,frieda,rosa immigrated to usa. emmie wed german citizenn and resided in berlin. would appreciate any assist that can obtained. we have a grandson working towards a scouting badge. this has been a family endeavor;whowever, we have no birth records betond that of my mother frieda. again thank you for whatever help you can provide.

james a verhaeghe

Boone, North Carolina, 24.01.00 - 05:19

My name is Mark Isley. I am curious about my family heritage and started looking. I am from Asheboro North Carolina. This is were my parents live and my granparent lived. I would like to find out more about the origin and migration of my ancestors. If anyone can help I would be greatful.

Mark Justice Isley

Manchester, UK, 17.01.00 - 15:31

  Some of my ancestors have the name Iley, but they also spelt the name Isley. They were based (and many still are) in the Northumberland area of the UK. Is it possible they are connected to the Iseli name?
Chris Walker

Christopher Walker

19015 Pete Hickman Road Saucier,MS 39574, 12.01.00 - 15:55

I am Susan Lynn Isely and am the great granddaughter of Christtian H. Isely and Elise Dubach Isely. I reside in Ms and look forward to looking into my lineage. Thank you for this informative web site.

Susan L. Isely

Sandnessj?en, Norway, 11.01.00 - 03:35

I am very interested in finding out information on my family the last name is Neiderman and I know that my grandfather was from Neiderburen

ann neaderman

Junction City, Ore., 11.01.00 - 03:10

Hello all my name is Dave Iseli live in Junction City, Or. This is cool lots of Iseli'
s I see. Have a nice day.

David William Iseli

usa, 07.01.00 - 15:57

Very informative site. Especially interested in the Issell or Yssell surnames. 

Wm. P. Ezzell

Crisfield , Md. U.S.A., 27.12.99 - 00:45

Nice to find a site like this one . Hope to find info. on my family here .

Charles F. Esley

tacoma washington, 26.12.99 - 01:05

I am a Iseli and thanks for the website. I was trying to find out the meaning of my name and when I saw this on the website it really got my eyes. Thanks for the name. i do not know how I end up with this name but I am from the south pacific. American Samoa and do not know if I am connected to any of the Iseli families around the world.,

iseli si'ulepa

Somewhere, 08.12.99 - 04:49

Hello I am David's brother. We are the son of Ulrich Iseli of Zurich Switzerland

Michael Iseli

denver, colorado, 08.12.99 - 04:41

hello fellow Iseli's. 

David Iseli

Buenos Aires-ARGENTINA, 18.11.99 - 14:41

I?m very ,very happy to find you !!


Greeneville, TN USA, 16.11.99 - 01:09

You have a very interesting web site.

Patricia Gail Isley

Laufen, Switzerland, 09.11.99 - 17:21

Ich bin zwar kein Mitglied des Iseli_Clans, jedoch der Schwager von Priska Iseli. Beim Erstellen eines Stammbaums f?r meine Familie (Leemann von St?fa ZH) und die damit verbundenen Gespr?che mit meinem Bruder bin ich auf diese Site gestossen. Ich kann zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt noch nicht absch?tzen, ob meine Familie jemals auch zu einer solch vorbildlichen Site gelangen wird; nachahmenswert ist sie auf jeden Fall.

Hans Leemann

Kelowna, BC, Canada, 06.11.99 - 06:26

It was very nice to find this site.Thank you for taking the time to put it all together, you've done a wonderful job! It was very interesting.

Heather Isley

Somewhere, 30.10.99 - 16:55

I am searching for information on Bendix and Anna Isali who resided in Canton Bern and left Switzerland to come to the USA (Port of Baltimore) in Feb. 1852. They brought with them 5 children. Here he was known as Benedict Esale. Passenger list listed them as Bendix and Anna Isali. They left from Bremen on the ship the Bark Anna. Their children were Maria, Anna, Johonnes, Jacob and Friedrich.I am looking for any history previous to this time, marriage and birth records, etc. Thank you!!

Margie Esaley

London, 21.10.99 - 19:25

Thank you very much for this most wonderful site. It comes even more as a surprise as I'm used to be the only one called Iseli wherever I go. I simply never realise how many people share the same surname. Thank you again.

Joel Iseli

Argos, IN, 07.10.99 - 05:43

I have little to go on, but am trying to find an Annely Isely who married a Ulrich Lichty born 1695. They probably migrated from Switzerland to Montbeliard, France after 1723, as did the Schwartz, Kauffman, Schmucker and Stoll families.
Ulrich's father was Georg Lichty born ca. 1675 and Anna Ramseyer. Most of these families were antibaptist and moved due to persecution. I would certainly appreciate any help, as I have very little on the Isely name, but more on the Liechty line (a later spelling) and Leichty our line. The Liechty family finally moved to Basil, Switzerland from Gouttes, France after a couple of generations and eventually to the U.S.

Sharon Leichty

Ketchikan, Alaska, 06.10.99 - 19:36

My name is Sandy Isley. My husband Elzie's ancestors came from Rosenfeld, Germany. Ludwig Eiszele came to the United States on the ship Osgood on September 29, 1750. He and his family settled in North Carolina. In the mid 1800s, Elzie's great-grandparents came by train to Oregon and settled in the Divide area near Joseph and Enterprise. Elzie is the oldest of eight children of Alvin and Beulah (Wright) Isley. Most of his family still resides in the area. Elzie is there right now hunting deer and elk with his brothers. The ride into their camp on horseback. 

Sandra L. (Junge) Isley (Homepage)

United States, 05.10.99 - 20:10

I was born an Iselin. This is the closest variation of my name that I have found. My name is Beth Iselin. My family believes that our descendants come from Norway from my father's side. My mother's side is Russian. Heron is her family name.

If you have any knowledge of these lineages, please let me know! 


Beth Iselin (Homepage)

GALVESTON TX, 29.09.99 - 00:29

This is great. My name is Robin Esley. I am the daughter of Donald W Esley. I have been told that our decendents came to Rochester NY from England. If you think you may be decendent of my family please contact me at my friends email address nie57(at)


galveston,texas, 28.09.99 - 23:50

my father was excited about this web site. I am excited to have found you.please reach me at my friends e-mail address below.

Robin Ann Esley

Gaziantep, Turkey, 13.09.99 - 10:59


    My name is Ekrem. I'm a 33 years old Turkish man. I live in the city of Gaziantep (Aintab). I'm an amateur history researcher. Once I had read something about Mr. Isely in Gaziantep. Then I asked for some information to some old people in Gaziantep. Some of them remember him. As I understand the last Isely lived in Gaziantep till a few decades ago. I read some biographic knowledge from your web site. I was surprised and thought that I can get some more information on Isely family in Gaziantep. Hope you can help me. I especially research the 19th and 20th centuries' history of Gaziantep. There is still a boullevard in the city named 'Mr. Isely Boullevard'. Indeed my research of Gaziantep may be considered as a nostalgic study more than an academic research.
    Hope you can give me some information. Thanks in advance. Sincerely,


Ketchikan, Alaska, 12.09.99 - 01:14

Greetings from Ketchikan, Alaska

Phillip Isley

S.F. Bay Area, California, USA, 10.09.99 - 6:15

I am looking for the parentage of Nellie (Ellenor) Iseley who was born in North Carolina (USA) about 1813. She married Green Nicholas in Guilford County, North Carolina on 7 February 1833. This family went to Illinois from 1834 through about 1840. Next they were in Jasper County, Missouri where, living close-by was a Jacob Isley also from North Carolina. Ellenor was my 3rd great-grandmother.

Claire Wichelmann (Homepage)

missouri, 06.09.99 - 22:09



New Berlin, Wisconsin, 03.09.99 - 22:30

to Chris Isely (at) Camp Pendleton,Ca.

My grandfather, Peter Isely, did some farming around Monroe, & New Glarus, Wisconsin. My dad's cousin, Clarence Isely, came from Monroe & told me there were numerous Isely's in that area that were all relate.

I don't know who they are, but look up the family names in the genology part of this web page.

Duane E. ISely

Chicago, IL, 17.08.99 - 18:18

hello my name is Isaly Acevedo. I was looking for some info about my name and realized that not only is it a last namebut that its background comes from germany and switzerland as well as other regions..funny considering im Puerto Rican.
I live in chicago and just wanted to say hello and let u know how wondeful ur web page looks.
By the way did u know that isaly stands for
I. S.hall A.lways L.ove Y.ou?!

Isaly Acevedo

Fall City, Wa., USA, 17.08.99 - 16:35

I am looking for a "Ted" Iseli, whose father's name was Ernest. Ted was the son of Ernest's first marriage. My father, Ernest's brother, Werner Walter originated from Tauffelen, Bern, son of Friedrich and Anna (Felber). He married Germaine Banderet, daughter of Charles Henri and Bertha (Stram). Thank you very much for this consideration. 

Germaine Iseli Longwell

Gahanna, Ohio, 16.08.99 - 21:53

I've really enjoyed this web site! I, Melanie Isaly Beitzel (born 1966) am the daughter of Earl Isaly (born 1935) who is the son of Lloyd Isaly (born 1897) who was the son of Harry Isaly (born 1870) who was the son of Jacob Isaly (born 1846) who was the son of Christian (born 1806) and so on and so forth! I have a copy of our family tree that goes back to 1806, but this site took me back even farther. My husband and I hope to take a trip to Switzerland in the next couple of years. Perhaps we'll be able to look up some relatives! Thanks for sharing this information.

Melanie Isaly Beitzel

Stow, Ohio 44224-1146, 15.08.99 - 21:37

I am a descendent of Maria Iseli born June 17, 1759 in Ta"uffeln, Canton Bern. She married
Benedikt Zesiger of Merzligen, Canton Bern on
April 6, 1779. Benedikt and Maria were my g.g
grandparents on my mother's side. Maria Iseli's
parents were Jakob Iseli born Dec 15, 1709 and
Elisabeth Gutman born ca. 1714. They were married on Jan 24, 1745 I believe in Ta"uffeln.

Charles N. Meier

Pretoria, South Africa, 09.08.99 - 18:25

I only heard about this webb site today and is very keen to come in contact with members in other countries

Johan Christiaan Yssel

Camp Pendleton, CA USA, 02.07.99 - 23:17

I did not see my spelling of our name but there is a little pocket of Isele's in NJ USA

William Nicholas Isele

Camp Pendleton, 02.07.99 - 22:25

I'm Chris Isely and I am in Camp Pendleton Ca originally from Monroe and was wondering if anybody would know the relation to Isele if there is any

         Chris Isely

Christopher William Isely

Durham, North Carolina (USA), 27.06.99 - 00:59

looking for the father of Ludwig Isley. Born around 1705 in Rosenfeld, Wurttenburg, Germany and died in Guilford, North Carolina in 1788.

Nathan & Kimberly Isley

The best place in the world Perth Western Australi, 25.06.99 - 13:47

Hi, I'm an Iseli from Luetzelflueh and I emigrated to Australia in 1974 my father was Ernst Iseli 1913-1976. Interestingly the message from Hans Iseli aus Hoellstein has cought my couriosity. My branch of Iseli's went from Luetzelflueh to "Baselbiet" in the towns of Tuernen, Itingen BL, Oberdorf ( Haas-Iseli) and Lausen, where I was born, I wonder whether Hans Iseli is related to My uncle Fritz Iseli Lausen or Werner Iseli Itingen. I'm using someones elses computer hopefully I'll be on the net soon and will have more infos about my branch of Iseli's 'til then all the Best.
Fred Iseli, Osborne-Park Western Australien. (Down Under)

Alfred (Fred) Iseli Formerly of Morley W

Oxnard, CA, 23.06.99 - 04:14

I am looking for information on JACOB ISLEY, who was born April 20, 1825. He married Mary Jane Smith on January 25, 1849 in Missouri. They had a son (among other children I presume) whose name is Warren William Isley. He was born November 11, 1860 and married Elizabeth Causey. Sure would appreciate any information anyone may have. Thanks!!

A. Blevins

Paxinos Building 411, Bethlehem, 9700. Free State,, 21.06.99 - 15:15

It is a priviledge to be able to surf on the internet and to find that my family also have their little place in the world.

Keep up the good work.

Dawid Hermanus Yzelle

Somewhere, 19.06.99 - 03:44

I just learned of this site, and find it extremely interesting. My father was Benjamin Francis Esley, his father was Jacob William Esley.  Is there anyone out there that is from this family line?

Ann Esley Gile

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 18.06.99 - 19:24

I am looking for the family of ISELI, originally from Hasle, Lutzelfluh and Ruegsau, Kanton Bern, Switzerland. My father's brother, Ernst Baerfuss, Married Lina ISELI. I would like to communicate with family members regarding family history. Please contact me at: tjwhitfield(at) Thank you for responding.

Truda Whitfield

boise id, 17.06.99 - 05:15

im looking to find other Isleys related to Victor Byron Isley (Pete) or Bob or bill Isley.

Terrance R Isley

North Wales UK, 13.06.99 - 16:20

The following could be of interest :-
Have located a Roger ISLEY who was Lord of Sundridge (Kent UK) died 1429. Also a Thomas ISLEY who was Squire of Sundridge died 1518.
Brass rubbings are, I understand, available.
Best wishes to all.

Ian Isley

Atlanta, Georgia USA, 03.06.99 - 20:50

My mother is an Isley from North Carolina, USA.
I was told that her father's ancestor's emigrated
from Holland in the 1800s. Are we part of the
same family?

I regret that I do not read German well enough to
understand all you have written here. Do you have
an English site?

Jim Pegram

2728 Debbie Lane Midwest City Oklahoma 73110, 30.05.99 - 23:03

Hope to hear from you soon.

Jay David Isley

Somewhere, 25.04.99 - 20:05

Hans Iseli aus H?lstein, Schweiz, gr?sst alle Iselis!

Hans Iseli

1033 Cheseaux/Lausanne, 14.04.99 - 22:03

Une de plus

Iseli St?phanie

San Antonio, Texas, USA, 31.03.99 - 00:44

Hello from Texas!
How nice I can join my friend Lauri Isley Haines with a posting in this guestbook.
I am actually researching the GEORGE family from Switzerland, primarily from Canton Vaud. 
Louis Paul GEORGE m. an Agathe ISELI b. 1897. This is a collateral line for me, but any connection would be appreciated.
Good luck to y'all in your research!

Maureen Parker

New Berlin, Wis., 29.03.99 - 02:53

I have been reading the comments with interst.

My grandfather: John Isely was born in Switzerland, & my grandmother: Marie Zuhlke was
born in Germany. I have no dates of birth or cities of birth.

All I know is that they had 5 children: Leon,
Irving, Benjamin, Florence, & Ida.

My grandparents were farmers & I guess my grandfather moved around a lot. My dad, Benjamin,
was born in Brainerd,Minn. I also understand grandpa farmed around Monroe & New Glaruis, Wis. before settling in Waukesha, Wis. My grandparents are buried in Waukesha, Wis.

Be happy to hear from anyone who has any info. My
e-mail is: dlisely(at)

Duane E. Isely

RIFLE COLORADO U.S.A., 28.03.99 - 23:38



Alta Loma, Ca, 20.03.99 - 13:49

I don'tknow if there is any connection. I have information going back to the early 1800's on my tree. Would like to go back farther if possible. The spellingof my name is Isley. It is interesting to have a site like this. I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Chris Isley

Berne, 19.03.99 - 17:39

many greetings from Roland Zoss-Iseli from the T?UFFELEN- BRANCH of the family.
If you read German have a look at my novel about the immigrants to the US (f?r Deutschsprechende empfehle ich) SAITENSTRASSEN, ISBN 3-85681-380-2, pblished at Fischer Media, Berne-M?nsingen

All the best for your works.

Roland Hans Zoss (Homepage)

New Berlin, Wi., 17.03.99 - 16:52

I have sent three E-mails & as of yet I have not received an answer. Would someone please respond to this? Thank you

Duane E. ISely

Duane E. ISely

Allen, Texas USA, 16.03.99 - 19:53

This is neat - I just found out this page existed. I'll be checking it out further. 

My Father is Walter Iseli
and my Grandfather is Gottfried Iseli

both of Columbus, Ohio  USA. 

Jerry Iseli

Nottingham, England, 16.03.99 - 16:54

Hello, I am Winifred Marie Iseli, born on the 5 February 1952, in Kendal, Cumbria, England. If anyone wants to get in touch, I would be really glad to hear from you! My address is:


Winifred Marie Iseli

Washington State USA, 12.03.99 - 23:53

My Father was Elzie A. Isley, his was Alvin Isley, and his was Madison P. Isley. Not too sure of his father, but arrived in Oregon area in about 1870. If you want other info, my aunt has it to about 1750. 

Charles Isley

Moreno Valley, California, 11.03.99 - 06:17

Just started my search of my family and checked in a couple of times before actually signing in and saying hello. I didn't think my roots would connect with yours, so just passed through a couple of times. However, today I realized that we might have some relation so decided to sign in and say hello. Just made a tentative connection to Ludwig Isley, born before 1705 in Rosenfeld, Germany, died 26 Jul 1788 in Guilford, N.C. He was married to Elizabeth (1709) of Germany. I look forward to a long and happy relationship.

Mary Alice Richmond Pollard

AR, USA, 03.03.99 - 15:54

I am an American Isely, searching for my ancestors:  Charles Emil Isely          born 1846 in Tauffelen, and married to Sophia Rosina-born 1847. Their children born in Bern: Marie, Rosa, Charles, Arthur, John(Johann), and Emma.
All Iseli's.  How do I register all of our line?    Isely family

Suzanne Isely-Mathews

N. Illinois, 03.03.99 - 02:21

Excellent site, good pictures... I tripped over your site while checking out the Swiss geneology site.

While we do not appear to share any family history, many of my ancestors originted in the Emmental region... Troyers & Swartzentrubers from Traub, Slabaugh/Schlabach/Schlapbachs from SCHLAPBACH, near Summiswald.

Sanford Slabaugh

Somewhere, 28.02.99 - 22:48

Bin wieder mal hier -
ciao Erich.....bist du wieder im Land, oder immer noch im Osten???
Meine Homepage ist etwas renoviert & auch einen link gibts zu : (bei spezial - sale)
Bin am studieren, ob ich mein Domizil in Richtung USA verlegen soll, leider kenne ich kein Schwein dort .
Mit den besten Gr?ssen aus France  Urs

Urs Iseli (Homepage)

netherland, 15.02.99 - 21:18



Anja Bult?-Dubach

Naples, FL, 15.02.99 - 16:41

   My grandfather was Robert Clay Smith, son of Roy Smith and Sara Depoy. Roy's mother was an Isaly (from the ice cream branch). My mother once attended a family reunion at Oglebay Park, WV and subsequently ordered a family tree which had me on it. This has since been misplaced, and I'd sure like to get a copy of the most recent one with me on it!
   Though my family was from Steubenville, OH, I grew up in Upper St. Clair, south of Pittsburgh. I went to school in New Wilmington, PA at Westminster College (near Youngstown). Would love to hear from anyone who can place me on the tree or is from my neck of the woods!

Elizabeth (Beth) Fulton Foss (Homepage)

New Berlin, Wi., 29.01.99 - 20:33

My son, Carl, forwarded this to me. Very intereting.

Duane E. Isely

Ontario, Canada, 29.01.99 - 06:55

 Hello, my name is Larry Martin,Ontario,Canada. I'm trying to trace my great,great grandfather Andrew Jacob Isley, Darmstadt, Hesson, Germany. He was born around 1815 and married Mariann Schott. He came to Ontario, Canada with three sons. Adam, John, & Henry. Adam went to New York state,around Syracuse, and John went to Iowa, USA. Henry stayed in Ontario, Canada. I'm really interested in Adams family who consisted of Amelia, Henry, Katherine and John Isley. Amelia married a Edward Woese. I have most of the information on Henry & John, but very little on Adam. If anyone would have information on Adam Isley side of the family please get in touch. My greatgrandfather Henry inlisted in the American Army in St. Louis during the Civil War and did his training at Fort Snelling and later returned to Canada. If you have any information on the Isley please get in touch.

Larry Martin

Columbus Ohio USA, 29.01.99 - 04:44

I was just playing around and found this site. It's always interesting to find out something about your family and where they came from. 

Kurt A. Isaly

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