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Eight and a half years of guestbook entries (part 1)

Posted by erichiseli on Sunday, January 08, 2006 - 10:38 AM

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The Website - Die Website

Here is the raw content of the guestbook, ranging from April 1997 to November 2005. Consider this as an archive, many links and e-mail addresses are outdated. There won't be any other guestbook on this website because since it started, it has evolved a lot. Consider this:

  • Then, a lot of people didn't have a personal e-mail address yet in order to contact us but now, it is easy to get a free web-based e-mail address should one not have one yet.
  • Some just wanted to say hello, say that they are part of the family, now they can register with the web site and actively take part in the shaping of its content.
  • Some wanted to know whether we have more details about this or that person, now they can log into the family tree and see everything we know.
  • And finally, some posted an extensive report about their family which they still can do now, by submitting news.

Part one covers the years 1998-1997.

North Carolina, 19.01.99 - 01:28

Hello entered your site looking for ZELLER family name.. Do you have any ZELLER in your family tree ? you have a very lovely web site.

Bill Zeller

address: peterzel(at)

Bill Zeller

Somewhere, 17.01.99 - 20:56

The Netherlands, January the 17th, 1999

We (Martin, Jetty, Joeri, Cindy, Bernadette) all belong to the Indonesian/Dutch Iseli tree. We are ancestors of Friedrich Iseli and Katharina Luthe from Lutzelfluh. We are currently living in the center of The Netherlands and our three children study in Amsterdam. It's interesting to see how widespread the Iseli name is!
Have a great end of the Millenium and perhaps we'll meet in 2001?!

Martin Iseli and Jetty Iseli-Sival

Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas, 16.01.99 - 22:27

I just found this web site and am so pleased. I would like to correspond with more ISLEY researchers. I am looking for my great-grandparents, whom I believe to have been THOMAS ISLEY, born 8 June 1857, possibly in TN. My grandfather was GIRVAS ISLEY, b. 30 Dec 1885 in Clay County, MO. He was one of about 10-11 kids. Any help would be most appreciated.

Lauri Isley Haines

Minneapolis, 15.01.99 - 19:52

I've already signed the guestbook, but it has been quite some time since I looked at the site. It looks great. I also hope someone will send me my password again, as I have forgotten it. Thanks!
And, let me know if you need help translating from Afrikaans.

Nicola Yssel Johnson

Amstelveen, Holland, 14.01.99 - 12:13

Sri Iseli
Scheepsbrug 13
1186 VB Amstelveen

S. Iseli

North Carolina, USA, 07.01.99 - 06:36

I'd like to hear more about our surname. I could
not find information about my grandfather's name:
Elwood Cephus Isley. We are in North Carolina,USA.
I would love to hear from others who share the
same spelling.

Lisa Isley

Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa, 05.01.99 - 06:55

I am Sophi? Reinecke n?e Yzelle from Stellenbosch, South Africa. Finding this web page was very exiting. My son, Yzelle Viljoen, given the first name Yzelle for my father who had no sons to carrry the family name (See his visitors entry) will furnished you with some info about our family which my father, now 81, looked up in the archives in Cape Town 60 years ago. I visited Bern and, interestingly, also Interlaken in 1992 with my sons, and we intend to try our best to be there again for the reunion.

Greetings to all

Sophi? Reinecke

Chavannes-pr?s-Renens ( VD/CH ), 17.12.98 - 12:23

Hello ISELI, a friend said to me that this site was for me.
And that's why I'm here with you. I'll tell my father who is very interested in those books. He would enjoy.
Hope you have a nice X-mas and wish you a wonderful
time on this pages.


Potchefstroom, South Africa, 16.12.98 - 13:33

I have been looking for the meaning and roots of my name for about 2 years now, and therefore was absolutely overjoyed at finally finding some reference to it. I found this adress by entering "Yzelle" as my search element on the search engine METACRAWLER. I do hope to find out more about my name as well as the meaning of its past.

Yzelle Viljoen

La Mesa, CA USA, 08.12.98 - 04:26

My Name is Janet ISLEY Price I have been working on my Isley family line for many years. I now have 8 generations back. My friend Ruby Isley is back further on the Isley line. Our ancestor came over to the Americas in 1750. I was so excited to find this web page. I will have to let her know about your web site. Please contact me for more information.     johnprice(at)

Janet Price

Temple City, Ca, 30.11.98 - 01:36

              Temple City, CA

I'm just starting to research my family in Switzerland. Love your site.  Would appreciate any info you discover in re my surname.


Jeff Aemmer

Abilene, Kansas 67410, 28.11.98 - 04:03

Dear Esely (Iseli) Family
I just discovered the Iseli Web Site. I think its great that someone has done all of this work. I look forward to being able to study it further, as time permits. 

    Francis Woodson Esely
    Abilene, Kansas 67410

    E-Mail fwehome(at)

Francis Woodson Esely

M?nnedorf, Z?rich, Switzerland, 27.11.98 - 21:48

I am just signing for the first time and wondering if someone reads it!!

Catherine Iseli

Alabama, 26.11.98 - 09:46

I am searching for the family of Kesiah Isley born in 1788 and married Uriah Barnett about 1801.
They were living in South Carolina at that time. Any leads you may have on any Isleys will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. Love your web site. Dot

Dot Barnett Graham (Homepage)

Switzerland, 04.11.98 - 14:50

We have numerous cousins by the name of Iseli all coming from Zofingen AG Switzerland. Are they registered? Most live in Switzerland and one lives in Montana USA. Are You interested?

Mika M?ller

France, 02.11.98 - 14:49

hello "Iseli"
my provisional homepage :
only the first page......sorry
later more....!


Urs Iseli (Homepage)

Kingsport,Tn.USA, 30.10.98 - 16:28

My name is Nadeen Easley Hart.I live in Kingsport,Tn.USA where my ancestor Stephen
Easley settled.
Stephen was son of John,son of Robert The Immigrant.
I have good info on the early Easley's from this area and will share.

Nadeen Easley Hart

Munderkingen, Germany, 29.10.98 - 20:38

Nur ein Hinweis:

Beim VfB Stuttgart in Deutschland spielt ein Tobias Iseli als Vertragsamateur in der 1.Bundesligamannschaft. Er wurde am 17.08.1978 geboren und ist seit 1989 im Verein. Vorher spielte er beim VfL Sindelfingen und bei der SpVgg Weil der Stadt, beides Orte in der N?he von Stuttgart.

Joachim Hirschle

Gordonville. Tx., 28.10.98 - 23:02


Mary Elizabeth Estes

Raleigh, NC, 27.10.98 - 02:05

My name is Linda Easley Kern. Been trying to locate our family from Switzerland. I learned that when my great grandfather and brother came from Switz. their last name was Iseli. Some how it became Easley. I believe they are the only ones that came over from their family with the brother returning to Switz. I'm anxious to get my hands on the Family Bible which originated in Switz. that should give me alot more information.

My great grandfather was Benjamin (Iseli) Easley he had two sons I know of for sure, John (my grandfather) and Gene who never married.

May God Bless,

Linda Easley Kern

Harmony, PA, 25.10.98 - 04:09

Hi, My grandfather Clifford Isaly was the son of Jacob Isaly. As I recall the history, grandfather managed the Isaly Dairy farm in the Youngstown, OH. area. In 1935, he purchased his own Isaly store in Evans City, PA. I grew up there and worked many years at the store. Made lots of skyscraper cones.

Ronald Clifford Myers

Ijamsville, Maryland USA, 19.10.98 - 02:22

I am doing research on the family ROTHENBUHLER from Lutzelfluh.  Our family name originated from the village Rothenbuhl which is a hamlet of Heimisbach.  This site was very interesting. I have been trying to get some information on the Emmental. Plan to visit Switzerland in the near future and would like to hear from someone near Lutzelfluh and Heimisbach.

Robert E. Rothenbuhler

Illinois, 14.10.98 - 03:59

I am researching Philip and Solomon Isley of Ohio and Indiana and Illinois.

Linda Flesch

Pittsburgh, PA, 10.09.98 - 04:51

  Today is September 9,1998, and I just decided to type Isaly and surf, and to my surprise , I found the Iseli home page. I belong to the Isaly branch that lived in Ohio, & made ice cream. My father was Thomas Isaly, son of Henry Isaly.
  I look forward to hearing from any of you soon. 

Philip E. Isaly

Netherlands, 07.09.98 - 22:42

It,s nice to hear or read something about the family-name: ISELI. I myself am an ISELI. Although my parents both are Indonesians, I wear my fathers, lastname: ISELI. An ancestor of my fathers side must be a Swiss guy.

Edu Iseli

Somewhere, 29.08.98 - 00:39

I'm an Isely. I included this site as a link on my page! I like it!

reema isely (Homepage)

Omaha, Nebraska, USA, 22.08.98 - 23:29

Well, I am not an Iseli of any sort, but I am dating an Isely. But I am very interested in genealogy and am simply amazed at the great site you have. I wish that the Brick family had something this nice. Well, keep up the good work!

Benjamin Brick (Homepage)

In Switzerland ... near Biel in Gerolfingen, 02.08.98 - 00:00

Hallo all Ihr Iseli da draussen!
Ich finde das wirklich toll hier und es macht mich sehr stolz.
Nun, lasst Euch nicht aufhalten...
Machts gut meine Verwandten!!!!!

Patrick Iseli

Australia, 25.07.98 - 06:43

2 Iseli's surfed thru from Western Australia to say G'day! Great page, congratulations, maybe see you in 2001.

WA Iseli's


NH, 20.07.98 - 13:20

We just began some research ... this site should be a great help. I've e-mailed what we had already learned to the editor. We are descendents of Frederick Iseli (b. 1875) of Bern, Switzerland. He and his family settled in St. Paul, MN. I look forward to visiting this site often.

Susan Iseli Peterson

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, 18.07.98 - 22:15

I am originally from Argyle Wisconsin, and I know some of my family has been in touch with the website. I am #10 (of 11) of the children of Wilhelm(Willis) and Leona (Hefty)Isely - Granddaughter of William and Emma (Hartwig)Isely

Angeline Isely Dugan

near San Francisco, California, 17.07.98 - 19:52

I belive I have already "signed" this guest book, but I want to add this entry to say how excited I am about the family reunion planned for the year 2001. I will be making every effort to attend myself and will also encourage my siblings to attend. Many thanks to those who have planned this event.
My part of the Iseli family is from the Wisconsin Isely branch. There are five Isely siblings, all in our 40's and 50's, in our immediate family. We live in Illinois, Arizona and California. We all are married and have children who are scatterd throughout the states and England.

Barbara Isely Dedo

Minot, North Dokota, 16.07.98 - 04:49

This is exactly the site I was looking for, I did not knowing that it exsisted. Thank you!!


Michael J. Isley

Nebraska, 14.07.98 - 20:10

My Great-great-great Grandfather, Peter Isley was from North Carolina and the family information I have now says his father was John Isley. He was from Guilford County, N.C. I would like to trace my Isley's roots back to the country they originated from. The family info I have now states that Peter Isley's grandfather fought in the Revolutionary war, but I have no documentation of any thing except that Peter was definately from N. Carolina. Peter and his wife, Mary moved to Missouri where they homesteaded for 20 years and then moved to Nebraska where their children had established farms. Mary and Peter Isley are buried here in Nebr. What a wonderfully organized website!!! 

Martha Plambeck

North Wales UK, 12.07.98 - 22:56

Most interested to learn about possible origin of my name. Have a family tree going back to approx. 1750 but prior to that I have evidence that the name Isley was known in 1446 when William Isley was Shire Reeve (Sheriff) of Kent (S.E. of London). The ancient arms of Isley of Kent may be described as "Ermine a fess vair".
I wonder if William could originally have been an Iseli ?
Best wishes to all readers.

Ian Isley

3810 N Oakgrove #532 Midwest City, Oklahoma 73110, 10.07.98 - 01:30

I think this is very nice of you guys to offer these services to people with the last name Isley to find their true descent. Thanks alot.

Jay David Isley

Bi?re, 01.07.98 - 13:10

Wonderful !!!

Reynald Isely

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 10.06.98 - 16:36

This is so fascinating!
I am a Iseli grand-daughter. My grand-mother was Margrit Iseli from Jegenstorf. I grew up in the farmhouse that is mentionned in the article about Jegenstorf, and is called "zum Neuhaus".This house is still in my possession. I now live in Ottawa,Canada. It would be great to hear from other Iseli descendants in Canada.

Heidi Lilla

Mesa , Az. & Lexington ,Oh., 05.06.98 - 22:17

Thanks For another great Swiss Site on the internet .

James H Williamson

Raleigh, NC 27607, 26.05.98 - 21:06

This is real exciting to me. From what I gather my great grandfather and brother came from Bern, Switzerland. I'm not sure as to when. From there they went to Monroe County, in Ohio.

I will very interested to see if we can trace our family back.

Some time our name was changed to Easley. I don't know if it happened when they went through customs or what ever it is they due. We do have a family book from Switzerland. Needless to say we haven't been able to translate alot of it. They seemed to speak a language similar to German. However, my grandmother very German, my grandfather the swiss/german could not understand one another when they would get upset. 
According to my dad.
I look forward to checking this sight out further.
May God Bless you and Keep you,

Linda Easley Kern

Torrington, CT USA, 03.05.98 - 23:50

Hi, I am Donna Isely from Torrington, CT, USA. Happy to find the website, would love to hear from anyone out there. I don't yet have an email address, but can be reached at kpkath(at) for now.Nice to know there are so many more Isely's in the world, than just the immediate family!

Donna Isely

Switzerland / Zuerich, 01.05.98 - 22:55

This Homepage is great for us - for all iseli-family members. I live in switzerland, and my father is from Glarus. Hope to hear of some other iseli's all around the world.
to getting contacted with me.

Thomas Iseli (Homepage)

Vancouver, Washington State, USA, 05.04.98 - 13:39

My name is robert E Gutridge. My wife's maiden name was janle L. Iseli. Her Grandfather cane to this country from Bern, Switzerland in about 1910. He was born around 1880 in Bern. His name is Otto Iseli. We would like to register with you and participate in your efforts.

Robert E. Gutridge

USA, 11.03.98 - 21:06

I am attempting to trace my genealogy and would like any information you have on the Iseli/Yssel surname as it pertains to South Africa. Especially for Johan Christiaan Yssel or Jan Christiaan Yssel or maybe Lourens Yssel.

Thank you very much!


Nicola Yssel Johnson

CA, 06.03.98 - 14:10

I'm new to the web so it is very exciting to find a whole group of people researching Iseley--my version. I'll be coming back.

Esther Martin

Manhattan, KS, 23.02.98 - 11:11

I'm an Esely here in Savannah, MO. Currently I am attending school at Kansas State Univeristy in Manhattan KS. I think this Esely page is really an neat idea. I had no idea there were so many different Esely around....whatever the spelling may happen to be. I'll be interested to see what will come next on this site.

David T. Esely (Homepage)

Wheeling, wv, 18.02.98 - 09:53

Hello from Wheeling West Virginia. This is really cool that there is a page for the family. We used to have an Isaly's ice cream and dairy store here in Wheeling. I also attended an Isaly family reunion in Wheeling in 1983, with people from as far as Saudi Arabia. Hope all is well in the lives of the Iseli's, Isaly's etc....
Thanks and farewell.

William A. Isaly Jr.

Tennessee, 19.01.98 - 13:21

I love your site...I only hope that I can build my Landis home page as well as you have the Iseli page.

Stacie (Homepage)

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, 16.01.98 - 00:36

I love your site. I am trying to link several of your names with mine.  Common villages in CH are:
Vechigen, Bolligen, Hasle, Signau and Worb.

I have found some SCHMUTZ in your database, but I cannot connect them to mine yet.

I'll keep in touch....

David L. Schmutz (Homepage)

Sacramento, California, 10.01.98 - 14:23

I, too, have DAELLENBACH and FREI ancestors from the Steffisburg - Schwarzenegg area and am attempting to learn more about them and their parents, grandparents, et al.  Can anybody suggest the name of a professional researched in that area to help me??? Looking forward to your response. Sincerely, Gene Mattocks

Gene Mattocks

3538 Röthenbach im Emmental CH, 02.01.98 - 02:22

Hallo Iseli
Auf der Suche nach meiner Identit?t bin ich auf Eure Seiten geraten, ist wirklich toll gemacht Euer Stammbaum !
Wo habt Ihr all die Informationen ?ber ISELI hergeholt?
R?thenbach l?sst gr?ssen

Bendicht Stucki (Homepage)

Conyers GA, USA, 26.12.97 - 17:24

I don't know if I qualify as one of the Isley's that you ar tracking or not, but I will register with you just in case.

William D. Isley

Oberwil, Switzerland, 25.12.97 - 06:32

quite a good homepage for iseli-family members!
I'm a Swiss citicen from Glarus!
Glarus is in central Switzerland in the Mountain-Region.

Thomas Iseli, Switzerland

Andover, MA, USA, 17.12.97 - 14:49

I am doing my genealogy of the Pfisters from Wadenswil, Kanton, Switzerland

Robert Pfister (Homepage)

Missouri, 16.12.97 - 15:26

  I'm doing a paper on immigration and migration to the united states and found you site very helpful.

James May (Homepage)

Quebec city, 20.11.97 - 18:40

Félicitation, c'est vraiment un site intéressant et combien documenté. Quel travail! C'est vraiment un site à recommander. Je conserve précieusement les coordonnées.

Nathalie Ebnoether

Apple Valley, Minnesota, 19.11.97 - 08:48

I am a descendent of Rosina Andres, immigrant to Sugarcreek Ohio in the 1850's. She was married to Niklaus Beutler. Her paternal grandmother was Barbara Iseli (*16 Dec 1742) Barbara is an Iseli from both her paternal and maternal sides. She is from the Kirchberg clan. I am really happy to see this web page; it's very well done.

Andrew Barrett-Bettcher

Garden Grove, Ca, 12.11.97 - 14:42

Apparently I am related to the Iseli family from my paternal grandmothers side of the family. How remarkable! Please feel free to contact me.

Dan Loeffler (Homepage)

Nashville, TN USA, 03.11.97 - 09:21

I was searching for information on my family name NIGGELER and as I searched the name your family name appeared. I don't know if your page comes up on all searches or not. I do know our family is from Bern, and i have found Niggeler in Italy


Monroe Wis., 29.10.97 - 14:22


Jerry Isely

Madison, Wisconsin, 25.10.97 - 21:56

I am a member of the Wisconsin branch of the Isely family.

Merranda Elizabeth Isely

Rock City, IL, 17.10.97 - 07:09

I just was surfing on the internet at college and I came across the Isely Web Site. I also found several family member listed in the directory.
Thank You for the Web site.

Dawn (Isely) Niedermeier

Argentina, 11.10.97 - 08:04


ESLEY, Enrique

Ohio, Usa, 14.08.97 - 16:21

I found the link on the Canton Bern page. I am looking for information on Jacob Isely and Catherine Krebs of Winesburg, Holmes Co, Ohio.

Ginny Kerr (Homepage)

Jasper, Indiana- USA, 13.08.97 - 19:50


Mary Leinenbach

Jacksonville, nc, 07.07.97 - 11:16

Just looking for genealogy information on my name ILZHOEFER. It's from the ILZ river in Austria, as well as many other areas. Nice Page. Cheers

David Ilzhoefer

Kansas, 22.06.97 - 05:52

Check'n to see if you have Elizabeth ISELEY/ISLEY that married our Andrew SMITH. You have a great page.

Janice Rewers (Homepage)

st. joseph, mo., USA, 26.05.97 - 12:59

originally I would like to recieve any information and letters from my family across the world. I now live in Dallas, TX, at the following address:
Stacey Esely Black
2020 Cologne
Carrollton, TX 75007
(972) 492-5008
I really enjoy the web page and look forward to learning about the family.

stacey esely black

USA, 24.04.97 - 20:39

We are from Pretoria, South Africa living in Richmond, Virginia, USA at the moment. Great site!
Erika, Zander, our son and

Abraham Stefanus Yssel

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