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Who's who - Notable members of the family

Posted by transfer on Monday, January 02, 2006 - 08:05 AM

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People - Leute

Do you know about a historically notable Iseli? Or just an Iseli who deserved to appear in a dictionary? Add a comment to this article. Or if you have more material, submit us a news post!


Andreas Iseli: Glasspainter. Mentionned ten times between 1554-1560 in Bern.


Bliss Isely: Noted Kansas teacher, historian, poet and author.


Christian Iseli: Got known with his documentary films "Der Stand der Bauern" (The State of Farmers) and "Grauholz".

Christian H. Isely: The founding father of the Kansas Isely Branch, which produced many noted persons, listed on this page.


Daphn? Iseli: Photographer.

Duane Isely: Biology and botany educator, born 1918 in Kansas.

Dwight Isely: Professor at the Universitiy of Arkansas, Department of Entomology. He was employed to increase research on fruit and cotton insects. He traveled extensively to cotton research plots in Eastern Arkansas in the early days, largely by train. After spending a day or two in the plots at one location, he would spend the night on a Pullman, sleeping on the way to the next location where the County Agent would meet him and furnish local transportation. He retired from the Department in 1951, but then served as Associate Director of the Experiment Station and Director of the Arkansas Agricultural Mission to Panama.


Fredy Iseli: Since mid-November 1997, his business called SWAP (Swiss Altpapier Paletten - Swiss Recycling Paper Pallets) produces not only paletts but also houses. Of course, everything out of Recycling Paper!

Fritz Iseli: Born in 1869. Has been very involved in education, church community and politics, in Grenchen and Olten (canton Solothurn).


Hans Iseli: Goldsmith in Fribourg, originating from Schw?bisch Gm?nd, cited in 1604.

Heinrich Iseli: Glasspainter. Cited in July 1555.

Henry Philip Isely: Association executive, integrative engineer, writer, educator, born 1915 in Kansas.


Jean-Joseph Hisely: Born 1800, died 1866. Swiss Historian.

Jeter Isely: Co-author with Philip A. Crawl of the definitive and widely cited text, "The U.S. Marines and Amphibious War" (Princeton University Press, 1951).


Louis Isely-Delisle Born 1854, died 1916. Swiss mathematician and teacher.


Martin Iseli: Industry-Designer.

Melanie Iseli: Upcoming Basketball-player. Maybe she will enter soon one of the two US Women Professional Basketball leagues. She is only 20 years old and playing at a Basketball-High-School-Team in the States.


Peter Iseli: Painter. Born in 1947. Burger of L?tzelfl?h.


Robert H. Isely: Lt. Commander assigned to a Navy air squadron from the USS Enterprise during World War II. He was shot down and killed during the initial assault on the Marianna Islands. In his honor, the major airfield built by the Americans was named Isely Field. In 1945, the Enola Gay took off from Isely Field for its historic attack on Hiroshima. Robert was from the Kansas Isely branch.

Rolf Iseli: Noted Swiss artist.


Samuel D. Isaly: The financer "tycoon" of the family.


William Eugene Isaly: Born 1862, died 1923. Founder of the Isaly Dairy Companies of Ohio.

William Henry Isely: Brother of Bliss, was the first Dean of Fairmont College which eventually became Wichita State University.

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